Get in the flow. Get content creation done. Have fun.

Join other service providers inside our Content Creators Cafe, virtual co-working spaces designed to help you be more productive while creating videos and other content!

We design spaces that spark creativity.

We set out to create a safe space for our Stream Bosses Academy members where they could get focused, remove distractions, and take action.

The cafe has become another mini community where you can work alone any time, or with others during a hosted session. Interact as much or as little as you like with like-minded entrepreneurs working on your business!

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Why Choose Us

You provide the brainpower. We provide unique spaces to help you tap into your highest creative energy!

Time blocking

Up your productivity game with time-blocking. Set aside chunks of time just for content creation, say hello to more focus, less fluff. Ditch those pesky interruptions and dive into some serious, quality work!

24/7 access

We get it, schedules can be crazy. No worries - our co-working spaces are open 24/7, no matter your location or time zone. Work when you want, how you want. Freedom and flexibility? Check!

Special requests

Need a playlist or a certain look to put yourself in the mood? Just ask! We may be able to theme & design a space for you. We offer 30-day leasing of your own branded space where you can serve your clients

Work with others

Work alongside a squad of other go-getters. Bounce ideas, get feedback, find inspiration. We're all in this together - and we get things done! More content, more conversions. YES

Our Co-working Rooms

Get a taste of some of our creative spaces. Each is designed with purpose & intent. Some rooms have focus-inducing music, while others allow for muted, deep work time. Certain rooms will offer downloadable resources & tools to help you with content creation.

Lobby area 1


Breakout Space


Coffee Meetup & Lounge


What our members say

Our clients really enjoy the space! See testimonials from real people.
It's such a great way to get support! I feel like I am in an actual room with trusted friends. But I can decide how much or how little I interact while I work on my content. 
Content Creators Cafe gave me a reason to finally take action instead of staring at a blank screen. I like the structured calls so I have a well-defined start and end time.
Before having the cafe set up, we met on Zoom but this is so much more fun and I can connect to a community of other coaches who get me! We share resources and offer support to each other.
I love how the Content Creators Cafe helps me stay focused and productive. I like that I get quiet time when I want or I can socialize a little while getting things done. I'm glad it's open 24/7 so I can sit in a room when I want.

What are you waiting for?

It's easy to jump in and participate! Just show up, share your goal, work on your content, then celebrate what you've accomplished. We facilitate guided sessions at least twice a month. Or you can work solo in any room at any time, day or night.

We host a 1-2 hour Creator Day two times a month in the Stream Bosses Academy to make sure we have dedicated time and space to work on video content.

But even if you're not a member of the Academy, you can invest in a monthly access pass to the Content Creators Cafe, with the benefit of being a part of our engaging discussions sharing resources and thought leadership about video content.

Work alone, or with other members. It's totally up to you! Prefer to lease a virtual space for your clients? Get in touch and let's talk about our 30-day plans.
*Access is included with Stream Bosses Academy Memberships!

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